June 8, 2020

S4: EP 1- BLACK EXCELLENCE (Interviews w/ Space TK and TJB Artistry)

In this episode, I am joined by my #black-excellence panel again from S3: EP 12- Season Finale to interview two of my friends/local artists from Savannah, Ga. They are both talented black artists with different aspects and love for "Art" but also share similar values in the same industry. I will be interviewing them separately on how they maintain their passion in art, music career, and being a hard-working black man with a 9-5 trying to find balance while striving for their dreams at the same time. Following this interview will be a LIVE Q & A with my black-excellence panel as we answer dating, relationship, single parenting, and entrepreneurship questions randomly picked from the audience to share our black perspectives, advice, & raw truths! 
*Ms. Chrissie Christ- Your host that reveals the most- IG- https://www.instagram.com/author_chrissiea/  
*Mr. Jodei Joe- Male Perspective- IG- https://www.instagram.com/jodeijoe/ 
 *Ms. Tiffany- Female Perspective- IG- https://www.instagram.com/nesbitttiffany7/  
*Mr. TJB Artistry- Male Perspective/ Special Guest- IG- https://www.instagram.com/tejaybe_/  
*Mr. SpaCe TK- Artist/Musician/Low Key Perspective- IG- https://www.instagram.com/spce_tk/ 
 His link to check out his music is:  https://soundcloud.com/user-439738176-859895293  *Be sure to follow us on IG and subscribe to channel for more LIVE podcast shows!


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