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#BlackExcellence Interviews/PANEL


**** I, DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONG BEING PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE**** In this season finale of season 4 we are talking about the last but not least #BLACKEXCELLENCE guest aka your host that reveals the most, Ms. Chrissie Christ! Due to numerous questions about my name "Christ" and pen name "Chrissie", I am closing this season out by answering your questions and highlighting some things on "Transformative faith", the branding of A Fistfull of Prayers, and the name for my podcast. In this episode, she informs you that "spiritually" you are allowed to have expectations on what you want to see changed about your journey or yourself when going through your journey. Some of the questions she answered were in relations to the following inspiration: * Where did her podcasting journey start and derive from? * Why is Chrissie your pen name? * Why is Christ the chosen last name? * What does A Fistfull of Prayers specialize in and where did it start? She also shares with you more information on her upcoming 2021 projects and TV show with Daily Gospel Network! She encourages her audience that by having "transformative faith" you are not what your current situation confines you to be at that moment. She encourages you to know that no matter where you are in life, what you have currently, or what you going through does not mean you are NOT where God needs you to be to transform you! Believe that your transformation will and shall be done no matter what others may think is impossible, or what you are going through! Remember it is a shifting that everyone deserves and a deliverance that is worthy of! In conclusion, she encourages you to know that if you give in to your current situation, it becomes a distraction, and once you are distracted, you lose focus on what God is trying to do with you and the direction he is trying to take you! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

#BlackExcellence Interviews/PANEL


**** I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONG BEING PERFORMED IN THIS EPISODE**** In this episode, I am interviewing special guest Mr. Tyrell Musiqman Butler, R&B/GOSPEL ARTIST who is a local independent Singer, Musician, Hook Master, and Songwriter in the Sarasota, FL location. This episode was streamed LIVE and also performance as well via FB @ Authoress Chrissie Christs and youtube Channel (A Fistfull Podcast). In this episode, Ms. Chrissie will be interviewing another #BLACKEXCELLENCE independent artist and songwriter Mr. Tyrell Musiqman Butler, also known as "The Man with the Golden Voice" that has a passion for creating music that changes people lives. This interview will include questions in the following categories: * Artist's Background * Entrepreneurship * Black Community * Spirituality * Black Love & will also conclude with random questions picked from the audience on career, goals, and self-healing through his music. To follow, subscribe, share, or get to know the artist further and even more, Please follow his platforms below and stay connected: IG: FB: SOUNDCLOUD: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

#BlackExcellence Interviews/PANEL

S4: EP 1- BLACK EXCELLENCE (Interviews w/ Space TK and TJB Artistry)

****SPECIAL PERFORMANCE INCLUDED****  In this episode, I am joined by my #black-excellence panel again from S3: EP 12- Season Finale to interview two of my friends/local artists from Savannah, Ga. They are both talented black artists with different aspects and love for "Art" but also share similar values in the same industry. I will be interviewing them separately on how they maintain their passion in art, music career, and being a hard-working black man with a 9-5 trying to find balance while striving for their dreams at the same time. Following this interview will be a LIVE Q & A with my black-excellence panel as we answer dating, relationship, single parenting, and entrepreneurship questions randomly picked from the audience to share our black perspectives, advice, & raw truths!  -My #BLACKEXCELLENCE PANELists are:  *Ms. Chrissie Christ- Your host that reveals the most- IG-   *Mr. Jodei Joe- Male Perspective- IG-   *Ms. Tiffany- Female Perspective- IG-   *Mr. TJB Artistry- Male Perspective/ Special Guest- IG-   *Mr. SpaCe TK- Artist/Musician/Low Key Perspective- IG-   His link to check out his music is:  *Be sure to follow us on IG and subscribe to channel for more LIVE podcast shows! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

Dating Q&As Interviews/PANEL

S3: EP 12- (Season Finale) 1st year Anniversary Show!!

*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT own any of the copyrights from the music played during this episode. WELCOME  to the closing of Season 3. In this episode, I will be joined by a panel of "BLACK EXCELLENCE" to help me celebrate my 1st year anniversary as a podcast host. I introduce to you myself as Chrissie Christ your host that reveals the most, joined by Mr. Jodei as my Male Perspective, Tiffany as my Co-host/female perspective, and Mr. TJB as my Male Perspective. In this episode, we will be answering Q & As randomly picked from my audience/listeners from email or DM submissions and giving our honest, raw truth experience, helpful tips, & our "BLACK PERSPECTIVE" as we answer your questions on relationships, parenting, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. We invite you to sit back, grab your wine, tissues, and put our volumes on HIGH as we enjoy this night of celebration for my 1st year hosting my first podcast. This episode was also streamed live via FB, please don't forget to visit "A FISTFULL PODCAST" on youtube 6/5 for full videos & subscribe for more! 

Self-Development Interviews/PANEL

S2: EP 13- Tis the Season..."To Be A better you"...Interview w/Mr. Prawl

Rome wasn't built in a day. So why would you let someone downplay the small changes to be "a better you"? Progress seen or unseen should be accredited for and appreciated. Be proud of "you" even when others don't see the good in you! Ms. Chrissie shares a prayer piece that was recently published in her book "SHIFTED: From pain to Prayers" from page 95-96 that is currently available on or her website for an autographed copy. With this piece, she encourages you that your changes may be unseen to others but take heed that these are the changes from limb to limb, from head to toe that God has "SHIFTED" you into becoming a better you. She shares a clip of her interview with Mr. Prawl on how his entrepreneurship as a chef has changed him to be a better "him" but also it doesn't take away from his spiritual side. She encourages you that "progress is progress" and your learning doesn't stop so your changes won't stop. But if "YOU" stop, then all stop! Please continue to be a better you regardless of what others see! The only thing that matters is what "GOD" see! --- Send in a voice message:


S2: EP 12 -***BONUS EPISODE CLIP*** w/Mr. Jackson..."YOU ARE WORTHY"

As we close out on season 2 of "Tis the Season to be"... We will embark on different relationships from acquaintance, associates, new friends, or even new family members. But will your current struggle allow you to be disrespected and immune to receiving it because of the lack of " worthiness" you may temporarily feel? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares a clip of her & Mr. Jackson distinguishing between the levels of disrespect, pointing blame in a relationship, and sharing views of how childhood trauma can affect your relationship with your significant other. We also go into a discussion on how to get your point across to your significant other without yelling or being disrespectful. We also share our raw truths on our own mistakes in our relationships. Enjoy, stay blessed and encouraged! --- Send in a voice message:


S2: EP 10- **BONUS EPISODE** Spiritual Intimacy & Purity CLIP w/Mr. Jackson

What does it mean to purify yourself? Is being reborn again the same as PURIFYing yourself? In this episode MS. Chrissie shares a clip of her and Mr. Jackson disussing different views and perspectives on the meaning of spiritual intimacy and purification. She breaks down the 5 different levels of intimacy and explains why "Spiritual" Intimacy is her preferred connection instead of the rest. Join in on the conversation by sending your opinion or feedback to to be answered or shared on Q & A night tomorrow with Episode 11. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: